Amy and I got to spend some more time today praying for our listeners, friends and church.  It was really cool.  We went and worked on the audio drama and talked about our future.  Then we went to the Star Wars Store where I bought two vintage LPs… check em out.

Yep. A vintage LP of Battlestar Galactica soundtrack with the Philharmonic Orchestra… YES!


The other LP was a Six Million Dollar man record with comic book.  COOL!

I don’t own a record player, but if I did I would have played it tonight.  I’ll look around for one that hooks up to my computer.  They make those now.

Then we went to the park, got out all the prayer requests and prayed over them.  It was way cool.  God met us there and it was nice.  There are so many people to pray for and so many folks to tell about the love of God. 


I took some cool pictures at Ocean Palace today.  Check em out.

The stone lion at Ocean Palace

The stone lion at Ocean Palace


Part of the Jade Sailing Ship at Ocean Palace

Part of the Jade Sailing Ship at Ocean Palace

I wrote a very moving crucifixion song tonight.  I recorded it.  Got the idea for it while I was washing my hands.  I heard it in my head and then just got done creating it.  It’s heavy metal, but very different.  It’s in the drama, so you will have to listen to it.   I wrote a couple of others recently that will go in the drama as well.  Please pray for me as I get that finished. It’s a lot of work, but it is turning out far better than I had dreamed.  It’s a two parter, part one this weekend!  WOO HOO!

I have a big day of recording tomorrow, so I should get to sleep.  Bless you!

  1. Jeff Jobb says:

    Cool finds at the store Rick. I never knew that different orchestras recorded the Battlestar music, as I have a CD done by the Scottish Philharmonic. Hopefully you will be able to get the songs off of the record, sounds like a fun project if you get a Record player that can be hooked to your computer.

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