Getting better, would you pray for us?

Posted: March 28, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

I’m not sure I ever enjoy being under the weather.  Being sick is just NO fun.  But Praise the Lord, I don’t have to lay in bed I can work on some stuff for the podcast.  

So, our whole family needs to be healed from this yucky cold.  Nathan seems to be doing better.  But the rest of us are pretty miserable.

I have been working very hard to get the audio drama done for April 5th and 12th.  It’s a cool story and I think people will enjoy it.  I hope people share it with their friends and spread it around.

If you could, would you please be in prayer and stand in faith with Amy and I?  We are really asking God to bless our household with income.  The podcast is free, and then we have the newsletter that people subscribe too.  We are really hoping that many will sign up and give a little each month.  If everyone that listened could help out, it would be easy to pay the bills.  So far we have been very blessed to have people signing up and helping out.  But we need more.  So if you could pray for us, that would be great.  If we need to, we can go try and get some part time jobs to supplement the podcast and newsletter, but at this point it takes a lot of time and energy.  Whatever God’s will is I want it. 

I do miss interacting with a live crowd though.  That is what God made me to do.  So not doing it in a church has been a little bit hard for me.  But God knows what he is doing.   I have to trust him.  I’m not sure what other job I would do.  I’ve been in some type of ministry for over 20 years.  

Thanks for praying for us.  And if you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, you are in for a treat.  Amy joins me for the latest one.  It’s all about how we fell in love!  🙂

Here is a fun picture of us way back when… we were so young!  1995


the take him with you podcast

the take him with you podcast

  1. Wendell says:

    WHOA! That’s an interesting photo of two children! 😉

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