Getting over the crud, an audio drama and Spiritual Tattoos.

Posted: March 25, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you
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The Moyer household is getting through the cold/flu bug.  It isn’t as bad as it has been, but I haven’t been sick in like six months, so I’m not enjoying my nose running away from me!   I was able to get the interview with Amy done BEFORE my nose clogged up so that is good.  I think you will really enjoy hearing how we met and fell in love.  It’s a fun story and especially when you hear Amy’s perspective.  That will be this coming week on Take Him With You.  Have you listened to the podcast yet?  It’s very easy too.  Just go to http://www.takehimwithyou.comand click on listen now.  There are over 13 programs to choose from.  Or you can subscribe to the podcast on itunes by clicking here.

We would love some comments on here about the podcast.  It’s a lot of work and I am trying to make it as genuine, professional and real as I can.

Please agree with us in prayer.  We are hoping to be able to support our family by doing the podcast and newsletter.  We need folks who believe in the vision of Take Him With You to help us out with $20 or more per month by subscribing to our newsletter.  Check out a copy of it here, and please read the reason behind why I’m doing the podcast.  It think explains thing pretty well.  If you feel led, please help us!  I’m not trying to get rich, just pay the bills and share my faith in Christ. 

Click here and it will take you to March 23rd’s edition

My friend Wendell made me a big pot of chicken soup.  He made it from scratch! Then he and his wife Angela came over last night and dropped it off.  That was so nice of them, and I am counting on God blessing me through his soup!  🙂  Thank you Wendell and Angela, you guys are so kind.  It made our whole family feel loved and cared for!

This isn't the actual soup, but the picture looked nice.  The soup was so good!

This isn't the actual soup, but the picture looked nice. The soup was so good!

So I am madly working on the audio drama that will be on April 5th and 12th 2009.  It’s called Beaten to a Pulp.  It’s about Dr. Blake Rumstedt, and archaeologist who is digging at a site in Jerusalem.  What happens to him?  You’ll have to listen to find out.  I have folks from England, Texas, Seattle and Michigan in the cast of voice actors.  So far it’s pretty cool.  I think people will enjoy this sci fi tale with a twist of faith.

Beaten to a Pulp- the audio drama coming April 5th and 12th

Beaten to a Pulp- the audio drama coming April 5th and 12th

I think my blog is crazy!   One week I get a bunch of hits, the next almost nothing.  Go figure.  I found out though that thousands of people searc for Spiritual Tattoos on the net.  So I am going to write about them here.

Do you have a tattoo?  I don’t, but not because I wouldn’t like one.  I don’t want to be in pain.  🙂  I hear that it doesn’t hurt too bad unless it’s under your arm or on your foot, that can hurt.  But the others aren’t so bad.  Talking with a friend at Tomcat Tattoos here in Aberdeen, he told me that a significant amount of people that get tattoos get Spiritual tattoos.  Yeah, crosses, doves, Jesus, etc.  I found that kind of interesting.  I guess if you are going to mark your body permanently, it should be something spiritual.  🙂  I think that is kind of cool.   I remember many kids coming to me when I was youth pastoring and asking what I thought about Tattoos.  I would always tell them that it was a decision that they should make after they were married.  Why?  Cause it doesn’t go away and your spouse has to see it the rest of your life!  I can’t find anything biblical about not having tattoos, unless of course you are like putting false gods or something on yourself.  It certainly is more acceptable today than it was even 20 years ago. 

What do you think about Tattoos?  Should Christians get them?  Is it good or bad?  Please comment.  🙂

So I looked around the web for examples of Spiritual Tattoos, and these are some that i found.





  1. Doris says:

    Hi Rick!
    I thought I would leave you a reply. I have several tattoos as does Jon. We acctually used to go and get them together. I have a spiritual tattoo. I got it at gargoyles there in Aberdeen almost 7 years ago. It is a red cross surrounded by three flowers with a mist going through the center on my inner right elbow. I can see it in my pereferal (sp?) vision all tha time when I am not wearing a long sleeved shirt. It reminds me of my relaionship and each time I see it I am challenged. I think about what kind of example I am to those around me, if I am seeking God the way he has called me to and many other deep rooted questions. I also find it comforting. The cross reminds me of so much.. I still get complaments from people who see it.

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