The meaning of life

Posted: March 21, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

strong>The Meaning of Life Podcast notes for podcast #032209

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We start out with a promo for Beaten to a pulp the audio drama coming up for Palm Sunday and Easter.

Then I play the Waffle on Podcast promo.

What’s happening at Rick’s House

I love my DVR from Dish. My wife thinks it’s a sickness.

I talk about Burn Notice- a very interesting spy thriller with a touch of comedy.

I talk about Numbers on CBS- yeah I said NBC on the cast, but it’s CBS

My friend Jeff Jobb talks about the tv shows Lost and Heroes, also talks about the podcast.


NOTE FROM RICK: Thanks Jeff for the great comments! You are very appreciated!

I encourage you to send in email or audio comments to

My kids have been playing the online Lord of the Rings game. Gee whiz!


I’m working on the audio drama, thanks to all that are helping! Dave & Jen, Meds, Darrell , Rico and more!


I play Kenny and Jenny’s promo for Knights of the Guild podcast.

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I play a very fun promo from the ladies from ANOMALY PODCAST. check them out, they have new episodes that are AWESOME!


Matthew 4 (Message Bible)

1-3 Next Jesus was taken into the wild by the Spirit for the Test. The Devil was ready to give it. Jesus prepared for the Test by fasting forty days and forty nights. That left him, of course, in a state of extreme hunger, which the Devil took advantage of in the first test: “Since you are God’s Son, speak the word that will turn these stones into loaves of bread.”

4Jesus answered by quoting Deuteronomy: “It takes more than bread to stay alive. It takes a steady stream of words from God’s mouth.”

5-6For the second test the Devil took him to the Holy City. He sat him on top of the Temple and said, “Since you are God’s Son, jump.” The Devil goaded him by quoting Psalm 91: “He has placed you in the care of angels. They will catch you so that you won’t so much as stub your toe on a stone.”

7Jesus countered with another citation from Deuteronomy: “Don’t you dare test the Lord your God.”

8-9For the third test, the Devil took him to the peak of a huge mountain. He gestured expansively, pointing out all the earth’s kingdoms, how glorious they all were. Then he said, “They’re yours-lock, stock, and barrel. Just go down on your knees and worship me, and they’re yours.”

10Jesus’ refusal was curt: “Beat it, Satan!” He backed his rebuke with a third quotation from Deuteronomy: “Worship the Lord your God, and only him. Serve him with absolute single-heartedness.”

11The Test was over. The Devil left. And in his place, angels! Angels came and took care of Jesus’ needs.


I play a promo for Treks in Sci Fi podcast with Rico Dostie.



I talk about the meaning of life. What is it all about?

I talked about Data and his daughter.

I believe that we are on this Earth to accomplish something. God created us unique and special.

I talk about how my life changed after I gave my heart to Jesus.

I went back up to another Darrell Mansfield concert.

Darrell is in concert in Raymond WA in the theater at 7pm April 9th. Free!

I met my wife. Next week Amy is on the program! WOO HOO!

I believe that every one of us is made to go down a certain path. We hare happiest when we follow after what God created us to do.



What are we gifted at? What is our niche?

Deeper than a career, what were you made to do?

It takes money to live, but we miss it sometimes when we concentrate on it.



People are more important than riches and wealth.

The water boy never goes thirsty because he is close to the source.

I went to a 2nd concert with Darrell Mansfield.

I experience a “call” on my life.

Check out Bloodgood.


Many times we are empty because we don’t position ourselves under the place that would fill us up.

I got a fire and burning for life like I had never had before. God got my number.

So here is what I think is important to do:

  • 1. Pray and ask God for our purpose.
  • 2. Make a list of what we love.
  • 3. Dare to dream.
  • 4. Make a difference one life at a time.

I wrote a song along with Mike Pirianian called “It isn’t over” So here are the lyrics. We recorded this special version of the song in Kurdt Vanderhoof’s studio. I did the vocals, Mike and Don Stone played guitar, I think. J

It isn’t over
by Rick Moyer & Mike Pirianian

As I thumbed through the paper last night my eyes welled up with tears.
A lady had died, my Lord, I knew this lady for years
she comforted me when a friend had died from an accident on the bay
I still recall the words she spoke and I can quote them to you today.

She said:
It isn’t over when you die it goes on forever you know
all that matters if you knew the Lord and who you lived your life for.

I realized only to late, as I gazed at the printed page
life takes on new meaning when on Earth you have numbered days
But what she said it echoed through my head and through my heart
she said Rick, don’t you know that we’re here, only here in part

It isn’t over when you die it goes on forever you know
all that matters if you knew the Lord and who you lived your life for.

How many times do we speak his name to hear silence in our ears,
perhaps we should humble ourselves and seek him through the years
cause when this life is over my friend we are far from done
eternal life awaits for us in Jesus Christ, Jesus the son

It isn’t over when you die it goes on forever you know
all that matters if you knew the Lord and who you lived your life for.

Download the song directly here

After the song I say a quick prayer for you and then we take the program out.

Thank you so much for all of you that are helping us by giving each month to the vision of Take Him With You. We appreciate every bit of the help that you can give! Next week we are going to have a very special podcast with my wife Amy called “Hey, you’re a cool chick!” You won’t want to miss it!

Bless you! And please leave a comment or email us. We really are encouraged by email.


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