Happy Birthday Dad

Posted: February 10, 2009 in Cool Stuff just for you

Today is my Dad’s Birthday.

I am so grateful for my Dad.  He turns 68 today.  Here is what I love about him.

My Dad and I in Seattle

My Dad and I in Seattle

1.  He has always been supportive of my dreams.

2.  He has been kind to my mom.

3.  He loves my family.

4.  He cares about my future.

My Dad, Ron Moyer

My Dad, Ron Moyer

My most recent supportive memory of my dad was the day that Amy and I resigned from pastoring at CLF.  It was a very hard decision for us we had invested 11 years of our lives into the ministry.  Things got to hard with personal conflicts on the leadership team, and at the same time we were feeling that God had something bigger and broader than simply pastoring at the church.  So I got up early that day, reluctant to get up in front of the people that I love and care for tremendously and knew that I would disappoint some, and others would be thrilled.  I took a deep breath before leaving the house, said a prayer and the door opened.  It was my mom and dad.  They had driven all the way down from Bainbridge Island.  A three hour drive on  a Sunday morning, just to be in the congregation.  My dad told me he loved me and that he was proud of all the time I had invested into the church.  He told me that I was a great preacher and that he loved my communication style, that I was born for it.   He wanted me to know that he loved me and was here to support me.  I of course cried.   So they came, Mom and Dad, and they sat on the front row.  And when I got up with Amy and told the church- they cheered us on to our dream and in their own way grieved with us for the loss of pastoring.  It was such a hard day for me, and yet when the service was over, they drove to Olympia with us, bought us lunch and sat with us for the longest time.  It really helped make a hard day better.

That is why I love my Mom and Dad. They are so supportive.  I love them a lot.

Dad is in Hawaii with mom today.  They hopped on a plane yesterday and took off for a couple of weeks.  He got a pacemaker put in a month or so ago, and he is feeling so much better.  When mom asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday… well, the rest was history.  ALOHA!  🙂

I wrote a song for my dad on Father’s day in 1991.  I want you to listen to it, cause it is one of my favorites.  This is for you Dad, Happy Birthday!

Thank you Dad- the song

Thank you Dad
by Rick Moyer

Daddy, I remember in the cold you’d build a fire
And I do recall the warmth it gave to us all
and Daddy, I can see you playing frisbee outside our house
Your baseball cap on backwards as always, you were trying to make me laugh

And I remember you, and those crazy things you used to do
in the summertime and in the spring
I thank you Dad for the love you bring

Pulling weeds from the garden on a warm summer’s day
sharing my thoughts on the world around me
You’d listen and then we’d play
The little red truck and the barbque
the swing outside in the yard
throwing apples to the horses, sometimes those times they don’t seem that hard.

And I remember you, and those crazy things you used to do
in the summertime and in the spring
I thank you Dad for the love you bring

Now with a son of my own, I pray to the Lord above
that I might show him your example and give him your kind of love

cause I remember you, and all the crazy things you used to do
in the summer time and in the spring dad, I thank you Dad for the love you bring
Yeah, I thank the Lord for the love you bring.

Dad and I

Dad and I

Happy Birthday Dad- I LOVE YOU!


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