God is good, and another Christmas song.

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Well, what a long week this has been!

So much snow and ice, and from what I hear more is to come.  I have been enjoying some prophetic words given to me during our prayer time along with a wonderful set of scriptures and faith statements that I put together while at the retreat.  I go over them everyday and seek God as to what he would tell me through his Word and prophets!  It’s a good thing.  God is good.

I have been recording with my equipment this week and really enjoying it.  I have done three songs in as many days.  Here they are if you want to listen to them.

This one rocks about a minute or so in  Oh come, Oh come Emmanuel

This one is a cool new twist on Do you hear what I hear Do you hear?

And this is Angels we have heard on high  Angels

If you haven’t had a chance to visit our Christmas Card go for it here.

God showed me today what good friends and family I have.  I am a blessed man who is humbled by God’s grace and mercy in my life.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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