Packing, Church in Olympia and a big week ahead of us.

Posted: November 29, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

an old gun battery covered in leaves on Bainbridge Island

an old gun battery covered in leaves on Bainbridge Island

Today was another one of those long days.  I had a lot to do.  I had to pre-pay my bills, in other words do my 1st finances early since we will be out of town for the week.  Andrew and I went in to Dennis Company and got ten bags of wood pellets for the pellet stove.  We got to visit with some friends and then we drove to Living Water for church tonight.  It was an excellent service.  Worship was so good!  The word was excellent from Pastor Jon Cobler.  It was on 2nd Timothy chapter three vs 6 through the end of the chapter.  Amy and I both really enjoyed the message.  He challenged us to be careful of what we let sneak into our lives.  This is a great message, you should subscribe the Living Water Podcast on Itunes and listen to it.  It should be up on Monday or Tuesday.  EXCELLENT STUFF!  After service we went up to be prayed for.  They had like four grandmas up there as the prayer warriors.  It was pretty cool.  We told this lady that we were going away for a week to be prayed for up in Yelm and she was very sweet.  She prayed and prophesied over us.  She told us that the Lord had this week prepared for us before the beginning of time and that it would point us in the right direction.  That was way cool.  We both cried.

Then we went shopping for the kids and my mother in law’s food for the week while we are gone.  After spending a massive amount of money.  🙂  We bought most of Safeway and brought it home with us.

Now we are packing for the week.  And I am cramming on the book I was supposed to have read before tomorrow at six.  🙂  It’s really quite an eye opening book. It’s called Biblical Healing and Deliverance by Chester and Betsy Klystra.  Not your casual read, but very eye opening and much more integrated than some of the other materials I have read on this.  Anyway, Amy and I will be spending a week up in Yelm being prayed for by a couple from Restoring the Foundations Ministry.  I am expecting good things from it.  Amy and I are both excited to see what God does in us.

I have to say that it is hard being vulnerable.  Living in a fish bowl for many years has good and bad things about it.  The good is that I live genuine and honest before God, my family and others.  The bad is that people find weak spots, or sometimes even invent them and hurt us with them.  So Amy and I were talking about how the risk is worth it.  We would rather live honest and upright with our flaws and all than to live hypocritical lives behind the scenes.  If we are to be judged for who we are, then let it be who we really are.  You know?  Anyway, risking being vulnerable is not fun.  It is difficult to lay everything out in front of others, especially people you don’t know.  But we are willing to if it means we will experience healing from hurts.  God knows our hearts and lives.  I heard him tell me to trust him tonight at church.  So I am making that choice, even though it isn’t comfortable for me.

God has sure been faithful to us.  Tonight after looking at finances I was a specific amount short for the week.  Only five minutes after I figured that out a couple called and wanted to drop something by for us.  They showed up, gave us a card with the exact amount we were short.  Go figure.  God is good and He continues to amaze me.

Ok, what we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  I can give up baking cakes, Catherine made cupcakes that turned out really well!

2. (Rick)  that I’m not a fan of doing the bills early.

3.  (Amy)  that I have a husband that is willing to take on the responsibility of paying the bills even though it isn’t so fun. 🙂

4.  (Rick)  that I’m thankful that all the bills are paid and I’m not late on anything!

5.  (Amy)  that I got to watch White Christmas with my daughter tonight.

6.  (Rick)  that I need to start thinking of how I’m going to light up the house this Christmas!

7.  (Amy)  that I’m going to have to find a place to put a Christmas tree in our house since my husband turned our front room into a recording studio.

8.  (Rick)  that Spiritual warfare sucks.  I don’t like it, and I wish it didn’t happen.  🙂

9.  (Amy)  that I’m going to need to grow in patience when my husband starts lighting up the house.

10. (Rick)  that I’m so happy that gas is under two dollars a gallon.  SWEET!

Ok, see you tomorrow.

  1. Sherri says:

    We’ll be praying for you guys. It will be good and God will be faithful.

  2. Sarah says:

    God has such good things in store for you guys this week. Just wanted you to know that we’ll be praying for you. Enjoy your time together and let God bless the socks off ya 🙂

  3. Marlene says:

    We are so incredibly grateful for you two! We are praying God’s blessing, healing, restoration & whatever else He wants to do!

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