Errands, Dr visits and getting ready for Thanksgiving. oh and what we learned today.

Posted: November 25, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Our day has been busy with errands, dr. visits, walks, guests and much more!  Long day!  Phew!

Tomorrow we get to see my family and will be staying for part of Thanksgiving day.  That will be good.  It is always nice to see them.

Ok, here is what we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  that I’m really enjoying the message remix audio bible.  It is good.

2. (Rick)  that forcing myself to walk even when I don’t want to is good.

3.  (Amy)  that it’s good to see my favorite dr and nurse but wish Catherine didn’t have a sore throat to get us there.

4.  (Rick)  that that Thanksgiving sermon from CLF was good.  Listen to it here.

5.  (Amy)  that Ipod files can be confusing.

6.  (Rick)  that I have way too much to get done, but where do I start?

7.  (Amy)  that I don’t have one thing ready for Christmas yet.  hmm.

8.  (Rick)  that I’m looking forward to getting out of town.

9.  (Amy)  that I enjoyed holding Mayah Wisdom and eating pie with Kyle and Rhianna.  Marionberry is one of my favorites.

10.  (Rick)  that I enjoy working on websites.  The Merry Trekmas one goes live on Friday!  WOO HOO!


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