technology and landscaping and what we learned today.

Posted: November 24, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

I’ve finally updgraed my computer and have been transfering ten years worth of files over to it.  Crazy I tell you!  I’m ready for it to be done with since it is fun for the first day, but gets tiring there after. 🙂 I’m a geek, so it shouldn’t really be that hard, but you know.

I couldn’t believe how much dust and junk was in the old computer.  We breath that stuff into our lungs everyday.  Yuck!  Oh well, the vacuum will be my friend tomorrow as I suck up the lint looking dustbunnies from cyberland.

Stripey helped me eat the rest of my raisin bran this morning.  I go on kicks, I just craved raisin bran the other day.  So in seeing a nice markdown on it at Safeway, I purchased the safeway brand of raisn bran, and brought it home for consumption.  It did not dissapoint.  Yum.  I know, the little flakes are boring, but it’s like digging for burried treasure getting those plump litte dehydrated grapes.. mmmm.  And you know, there are two scoops of raisins in every box.  Or so they say.  I may just sort them out someday and see if that is true.  I don’t have that much time on my hands.  🙂  Anyway, the cat sat on a table next to me and waited for me to finish so he could have the left over milk.  It’s the only time he pays any attention to me, unless of course his food dish is empty.

Amy got her hair cut today from her friend Jaimie Flock.  She does such a nice job, and I love my wife’s hair.  I say that because she is watching over my shoulder and has threatened to cut it all off because when it’s long she doesn’t like caring for it.  I love long hair, so .. Amy-  Your hair is beautiful!

Enough of my rambling, there is a purpose for this post… and here it is!

The top ten things we learned today- by Rick And Amy Moyer

1.  (Amy)  that things could always be worse.  Having Jesus in my life makes even the hardest day better.

2.  (Rick)  that stripey loves laying on flat hard surfaces and purrs loudly when I pet his ears.

3.  (Amy)  that I enjoy playing scrabble with my husband tonight, and yes I beat him.

4.  (Rick)  I’m really digging the new technology in the ipods that are coming out now.  Way cool.

5.  (Amy)  I can prune bushes WITHOUT cutting through my headphones.

6.  (Rick)  that my friends made some awesome videos for the Treks in Sci fi 200 show.

7.  (Amy)  that God loves me so much that he sent me a friend who simply wanted to give me a hug today.

8.  (Rick)  that two pounds of carrots goes fast at our house.  I peeled them, put them in with the pork roast and in no time flat they were gone!  MMMMM MMMM!

9.  (Amy)  that I’m learning something new each day in the book of Philippians, it’s a cool book.

10. (Rick)  that I’m in charge of the mashed potatoes at my sister’s house on Thursday.  Woo hoo!  Nathan’s going to help me.

There you go!

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