Long day but Fireproof.

Posted: November 23, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

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The new encourging website and podcast with Rick Moyer

So today was a rather long day.  Kind of trying to get our of this strange mood I’m in.  God is good though. Tonight Amy and I went on a date.  We were going to go out for breakfast, but ended up driving over to the theater to watch a movie that Randy and Vickie and Adam and Maureen recommended.  FIREPROOF


Ok, now I love media, but haven’t been impressed with any of the Christian movies very much, until this one.  I have to say that Kirk Cameron outdid himself.  He was an excellent actor in this one.  In fact toward the end he made me cry because his performance was flawless.  Great stuff.  This movie is highly reccomended to EVERYONE, married couples, singles, young, old, etc.  Seriously, it’s worth every penny you would pay for it.  Bring a kleenex though, it is touching in a good way.

It’s still over at the South Shore Mall, at least till Wednesday.  Show times are as follows:

3:25, 6:15, 9:10 pm.

Good stuff.

Ok, here are the top ten things we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  never leave your partner, especially in a fire. 🙂

2. (Rick)  popcorn is good for dinner, with diet coke and sour cherry balls.

3. (Amy)  you need to follow it up with Gingerale when you get home….

4. (Rick)  dissapointments shouldn’t hold us back from doing all God has called us to do.

5.  (Amy)  that even though it was a cold day today it was still nice to go on a walk with my husband in the sunshine.

6,  (Rick)  transferring many files to a computer is tedious and time consuming.

7.  (Amy)  that I’m glad I have a techie husband, because I dislike that part of computers.

8.  (Rick)  ipods are incredible, until they break.

9.  (Amy)  the book of Philippians is amazing, especially in the Message bible.

10.  (Rick)  God must have something great for me and my family, it would be nice if he told us what it is. 🙂 I don’t do the limbo very well.

Ok, see you tomorrow.

  1. Rebecca says:

    Chase and I saw that with Adam and Maureen… I agree with you about most christian movies.. and I thought this one was great. The beginning made me feel like it was going to be cheesy, but then it got way better. :p

    Popcorn and Coke is one of my favorite dinners. 🙂

  2. […] “This movie is highly recommended to EVERYONE, married couples, singles, young, old, etc.” […]

  3. enis says:

    I just wanted to share that http://www.familychristianmovies.com is offering pre buy orders of Fireproof the Movie and 10% discount coupon when you sign up to their newsletter. Fireproof absolutely is a great movie.

  4. Mark Nizinski says:

    I also thought at the begining that it was going to be corny, but the more I watched, and the more messages I recieved from it, it blew me away! And then when you think it’s over you get another surprise. It should seen be everyone. Great Job.

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