Radio antenna’s, good friends and vampires.

Posted: November 19, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Wow for having time off we sure are busy!

I had to take the car into get it’s antenna fixed this morning.  Fivestar is pretty much amazing.  Rod Putt is the collision repair center manager and is one of the finest guys I’ve met in the auto industry.  He has great customer service and all the folks who work with him are awesome.  I am totally impressed and have been for the last few months as they did a major repair job on the car after the big storm last year.

Anyway, we now get more than one radio station, which is a blessing because I really don’t enjoy country.  🙂 

After that Amy and I met some friends for lunch up in Monte at Oshi Teryaki.  It was great. 

Then Amy and I got to go to our counselor together.  We sure like her.  She is a very helpful and anointed lady with much insight and skill.  We are glad that she loves Jesus and helps us to deal with things going on in our life.  She points us to Jesus every time and that is so helpful.

Here is her dog Trixie.  She is the counseling dog.


We are continuing to seek God as to his leading for our lives. 

Amy then went to the Red Cross blood drive and I stayed in the car.  I can’t even go into the building, the smell freaks me out.   So I took Catherine shopping.  Now I’m not sure if that was any better.  She had to try on like 10 different shirts, three different pairs of pants and I don’t know what else.  Oh yeah, after she picked out a couple of shirts, she dissapeared.  I found her in the shoe section.  Oh boy. 


We got home and Amy was kind of wiped out.  So I made some meatloaf, but it wasn’t that good.  Amy makes a great meatloaf, and I wish it would have been hers.  Oh well.  I did make some brussell sprouts and rice a roni.  I burnt it, but hey, I don’t win every time.  🙂

Nathan helped me get our video done for the 200th podcast for Treks in Sci fi.  I’ll post it later, after the show on Sunday.  It turned out very funny, as always.  Nathan is a very talented video editor, he took some pretty non-funny material and edited into some very hilarious stuff.  Thanks Nate.

Ok, enough of the day stuff… I know you are on the edge of your computer chair waiting for our top ten things we learned.   so here we go.

1.  (Amy)  that one finger on one hand can be low on iron and the other hand can be just fine.

2.  (Rick)  that it’s absolutely wonderful to have more than one radio station in the car.

3.  (Amy)  that sometimes you can think things that aren’t true because of  your past experiences.

4.  (Rick)  that it’s good for us as Christians to know and be in our bibles.  That is really important.

5.  (Amy)  that apparent facts are often different from God’s truth.

6.  (Rick)  that not everyone enjoys geeky things.

7.  (Amy)  that my husband can survive shopping with my daughter.

8.  (Rick)  that Nathan works with some pretty cool people at Techline.

9.  (Amy)  that my husband loves me cause he bought me my favorite soda, and brought me breakfast in bed.

10.  (Rick)  that I’m looking forward to the weekend.


There you go!


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