Fortune Cookies, Hamburger Helper and what we learned today.

Posted: November 17, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Mondays used to be my day off.  Now everyday is.  🙂  Go figure.  It was kind of a long day, not too bad.  Just dealing with changing circumstances and life.

I got to meet Kenny for lunch today.  And thanks for lunch Kenny, it was awesome.  You can’t beat Ocean Palace!


I got home, did a few things and took my walk.  It was nice tonight, but got dark quickly.  I ran into my friend Mike on the walk and was able to enjoy some fun coversation.  Got home to find Kathy J and Amy and Catherine getting ready for dinner.  I haven’t had hamburger helper in years, and wasn’t thrilled about the idea.. but surprisingly the cheesey italian flavor was actually quite yummy.  Go figure.

Hoshi was so funny tonight.  She just layed on the floor with her paws up in the air.  She hung out with Andrew all night.


I got some nice emails on the fact that people were praying for us.  That is always enouraging.  Thanks by the way for doing that.  It is always great to have people pray for us.  We really need it.  It helps.

I also got a very encouraging email from a guy that listens to Nathan, Amy and I on the Treks in Sci fi podcast.  I really appreciated his kind words and was blessed by his comments. 

Ok, here are the top ten things we learned.

1.  (Amy)  that dr.s are now finding it really helpful in the healing of wounds that if they are put in highly oxygenated rooms.  I thought that was interesting because the more let  God, Pnuema (which means Spirit or air”  saturate us, the more we are healed. 

2.  (Rick)  that ebay is fun, but frustrating when you get outbid.  🙂

3.  (Amy)  that when I watched a show with Andrew last night on TV they had a great quote… “If a man seeks vengeance, he needs to make sure he digs two graves.”  I thought it was rather deep.

4.  (Rick)  that laying everything down requires a great amount of faith in God picking it all up.

5.  (Amy)  that I think my homemade laundry soap works pretty good, but didn’t get very thick.

6.  (Rick)  that many of the people we work with and live with are under-appreciated.   I guess that’s what happens when you get used to people.

7.  (Amy)  that you shouldn’t take people for granted.

8.  (Rick)  that I’m looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my family!

9.  (Amy)  that you shouldn’t keep pruning bushes after dark with your favorite headphones on.  They tend to get cut in half.  Yikes!

10.  (Rick) that with a little electrical tape and a paire of wire cutters, my wife can have her favorite earphones back.  🙂

There you go!  Tomorrow promises to be a good day.

  1. emilyp says:

    Oh how I miss Ocean Palace! Next time you go, you have to eat some cream cheese and crab won tons for me. Ahhh…I can’t wait to come home.

    And by the way, there is nothing wrong with hamburger helper. It’s so easy, and it’s great when you just don’t have time to cook a huge meal and you don’t feel like cereal. I’m pretty much living on it right now while Brandon is gone.

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