Let the wind blow! And what we learned today the 11th.

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Well you have already read about stuffing pork chops.

On my walk tonight I almost finished 2nd Samuel.  Man, is it ever fascinating.  I’m asking God to help me relate it all to my life.  And so far, many things are becoming clear, but wow, so much in there.  Good book from the Good Book. 🙂

Got my new exchange phone this morning, and after trying to make it work Nathan rescued me.  How nice!  He got it working and it’s nice to have a phone that isn’t constantly rebooting!  YAY!  I installed the email programs tonight on it and it works great.  Praise the Lord.

I have been composing music most of the evening.  Wow, cool stuff too.  Take a listen.  Click here for the latest.  It’s for a background to an audio drama.  Yes, it’s star trek stuff.  But you may enjoy it anyway, very relaxing.  Here is anotther darker more complex tune that I did tonight.  it’s called evacspacey

Ok, here are the ten things we learned today.. my wife by my side…

1.  (Amy)  I prayed for favor this morning, and encouraged someone via email about victory and then read my devotion this morning and it said this:

Even in hard times, I will raise you up as a leader. Others are suffering, but not you. My favor covers and is an envelope of safety and blessing. You have every reason to be confident in Me. I will provide abundantly for you. You will be able to forget the difficulties of your past. To be sure, bad things were done unto you. Forget about it. I say unto you, walk in the humility of Moses and the strength and success of Joshua and David. This is your heritage and your spiritual DNA. Pick up your mantle. It has been left for you from previous anointed ones. This is your day. Walk into the brightness and brilliance of this new season. It will last for seven years. Your time, this new season, has already begun and you need to get moving. Seize the day and the opportunities it affords. While others are whining and grumbling, you will be moving forward while carrying My banner of victory. This is a time to love your neighbors as yourself.
Genesis 41:55 “Eventually, however, the famine spread throughout the land of Egypt as well. And when the people cried out to Pharaoh for food, he told them, “Go to Joseph, and do whatever he tells you.”

2.  (Rick)  that many people have emailed me to get a Trekmas CD.  Wow, this is fun, but crazy!

3.  (Amy)  that I am still meditating on pitstops from yesterday.  That was a good word.

4.  (Rick)  that Catherine is a great photographer. 

5.  (Amy)  that God is still giving me random bits of fellowship, and it’s cool.

6. (Rick)  the garbage man cometh, and he taketh away.  (every tuesday)

7.  (Amy)  that the library is closed on Vetran’s day.

8.  (Rick)  that we are both thankful for the people that serve our country.  Thanks! 

9.  (Amy)  that the internet is cool because I could put books on hold at the library.

10. (Rick)  That there is no end to creativity when you walk with God.  It’s pretty cool, cause He is cool.

There you go!  See you tomorrow!  Hey, please pray for us.  We would love that!

  1. Marlene says:

    It is so fun to get comments & notes on your blog, don’t you think? It is fun to keep up with everyone, & encouraging to hear what God is speaking to each one, through His word & through our friends, & through His creation. What a wonderful Father we have! Jim & I are enjoying reading your blog. Also, what was the name of the game you were playing something, wise & otherwise?? We like board games, what’s that one like?

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