Pit stops, defective cell phones, and what we learned.

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you



Well today started out kind of fun.  Amy sighed this morning and before I opened my eyes I asked if she was awake.  She said, yes.  Then I asked her what was the matter.  She said back to me… well… I’m just thinking about our future.  I don’t know what it holds!  It was then that even before I saw the light of day that a rousing rendition of Steve Brock’s (I used to call him Iron lung) song came into my head.  Which I promptly bellowed out… in an operetic voice…  “Cause I know he holds the future.. and life is worth the living just because he lives!!”  She laughed and I think I woke up Catherine.  🙂

Anyway, I had a few things I had to get done today.  Every few days I check our finances to make sure we aren’t bouncing any checks and don’t get embarrassed when we swipe our debit card.  So I was online doing our finances.  Then Amy heard me sighing.  Things are just so expensive now adays, the prices have all gone up and we seem to be spending a bit more than comes in.  I’m not complaining, just wondering how to handle Christmas presents, car expenses and so on. 

My phone crashed.  Yeah, the one that I depend on to keep me organized.  It’s the Palm Treo. 



 It keeps on rebooting, over and over and over and over and over… you get the picture.   Between reboots, Ryan McCollough texted me asking how I was doing.  I told him “OK” and then texted back that we should do lunch sometime.  Well, that somtime happened forty five minutes later at Ocean Palace.  Amy had a gift certificate that I traded for there, I traded Mazatlan and Olive Garden for it.  🙂  I threw on a pair of shoes finished transfering some moola over to checking and headed out the door. 


I get to Ocean Palace to find my good bud waiting for me.  He rocks.  I met Ryan years ago at Ocean Palace.  We hit it off right away.  We have been good friends for years now.  I asked how he was doing and he told me some really cool stuff.  His church got a building over on South Side and he had been working on it for the last month or so.  He told me this amazing story of God’s faithfulness, not even knowing what I was going through.  He told me all about how he had felt like he was on a good track and then all of the sudden he was pulled off of it and on the sidelines wondering what happened.  It was then that he realized that God had simply pulled him over for a pitstop.  He told me that every car in a race needs to stop in the pitstop from time to time to get it’s tires checked, get fueled up, and replenished for the rest of the race.  He felt that God really had him in that place and now that they had a building he was going to be pulling back onto the track. 



Well, wow.  That really helped me think of this time away from the church.  I have been in a race for almost 23 years without a pitstop.  Well maybe one pitstop, but it didn’t seem that long.  And here we are getting our batteries charged, our tires inflated and spending time with the mechanic of our souls.  That is a good thing.  So Ryan ministered to me without even knowing I was on  a break from ministry.  Way to go Jesus.

Ok this is much longer than I had expected it to be.  To make a long story short, my phone has insurance on it, I don’t have to use my wife’s pink one anymore, they are sending me a refurbished one.  Praise the Lord.

After lunch I stoppped by Techline and visited Nathan and his co-workers.  I also got to visit a short time with Adam.  He is a cool friend.  You should read his blog.  It is uber cool.  He and I are going to the sci fi museum in Seattle when I get time pinned down.  Yay.  He reviewed my Merry Trekmas CD and gave it a thumbs up.  Thanks Adam.



Adam, my cool friend.

Adam, my cool friend.

Drea and Nathan at Techline

Dre and Nathan at Techline

I got home, went on my walk, listened to some fun podcasts, ate dinner, and then recorded some songs with a keyboard I am borrowing.  Way cool stuff.  Take a listen to one of the neat orchestra arrangments I did.  Click here.




Ok, here are our top ten things we learned today.

1. (Amy)   That when trouble comes you can walk in denial or despair, or you can choose to delight in the Lord. 

2.  (Rick)  That in Mark Jesus was asked a question by people trying to trick him, and he saw right though them, he then said what most of us in ministry want to say to people… “You are in error because you don’t know the scripture”  Wow, isn’t that true? Most of the time I get messed up in my thinking and my attitude stinks it’s because I don’t know scripture.

3.  (Amy)  That God is dissapointed when we worship other things besides him.  (ezk 8)

4. (Rick)  Ocean Palace has the most awesome chow mein on the face of the planet.  Oh my!

5.  (Amy)  What pastor Ryan said to Rick really blessed me and made me think wow, a pitstop, that’s cool.  We’ll be back on the track in no time!

6.  (RIck)  that I love it when people are blessed by my creativity.  It’s fun to help people smile.

7.  (Amy)  I feel very blessed when my husband does the dishes.

8.  (Rick)  I am having this weird obsession with the dishwasher, it is a pretty cool machine.  I’m diggin it.

9.  (Amy)  I’m praising God that Rick’s digging it. 🙂

10.  (Rick)  I love making music.  It simply rocks.


Ok there you go.  Have a good one.  We’ll be back tomorrow, same bat chanell, same bat time.

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Rick Amy and family,
    This is something I picked up today in a biology class.
    God is the best at fixing our broken codes.
    I am glad you are getting refreshed.
    Love you, In Christ

    In this section of the course, we are reminded that energy, while necessary, is insufficient for the construction of living systems. Information is absolutely critical. You’ll learn below that the information in your cells is stored in units called “codons.” If we were to make each codon in one of your cells equal to a single letter on a printed page, there would be enough letters in your informational archives to code for a library of 1000 books, each one 600 pages long, with 500 words per page. That’s how much information it takes to describe a human being.

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow, another good word God gave you guys from a fellow believer.. that rocks. Who knew you could do an analogy regarding Nascar and race car driving as I find it hugely boring, but will always think about this great encouraging story. I feel like we are finally back in the race as we have been at a pitstop time for awhile as life was changing, keep the hope it gets better!!!!

  3. Rhianna says:

    Very cool. 🙂 I am glad God is speaking to you through other people, isn’t He amazing?

    PS…you still are welcome to try using my palm treo, even though it runs on windows… let me know if you want to give it a try! 🙂

  4. merrymarlene says:

    I love, love what your friend said! A pit stop, we all need a pit stop; new tires, re-fueled & a push to get started again! God is so cool, He is always our Encourager; He knows what we need even before we say it! Bless the Lord!

  5. tytanshammer says:

    It’s good to be your friend too……..there is so much hope right now, but when you don’t know what the process is or where you are going it can be frustrating………you start understanding how joseph felt……..the exact opposite of his prophecy………

    “God gives you a word and you while you are looking up into the heavens with wonder and amazement, he trips you up, throws you into a dark room and beats the living daylights out of you……..” Graham Cooke.

  6. Randy says:

    I thought it was SUPER! (not pitifull at all)
    Remember Jesus awaits for us at the finish line to greet us. He’s already won-VICTORIUS!
    You never heard this from me..In the pit stops of life, ask for directions!

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