A word from God for me, this morning.

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you


This morning I was pondering all that was in my heart, and knowing I needed scripture to help me out of my quandary.  So in checking my email I get this…


November 10 2008.  You have made a strong choice, and now you are
looking back, wondering if you did the right thing.  Stop
reassessing the decision.  This is hindering your progress.  You do
not realize the enemy is speaking to you.  Resist his sneaky voice.
The Scripture says wisdom comes from two places.  Your wisdom must
come from above.  You can do this that I have called you to do.  I
was the One who led you in the strong choice.  Keep your thoughts
and your actions centered on Me, and what I have called you to.  I
strengthen your inner man to be in charge of your outer man.  You
will not fail. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who
strengthens me.”


I don’t need a guy with a 2×4 to hit me over the head on this one. 


I can do all things that God has called me to do.  He has called me to rest and enjoy my family, and not to worry.  So I need to cast my care, or let Jesus take my burdens and simply enjoy the life He has given me.  Seeking him is great, it’s not hard, it just needs to be done without distractions. 

So there you go.  I have made the right choice becasue following after Jesus and seeking him are always the right choices. 🙂

Now, telling my sould to shut up and obey, is another matter.  I will be doing that this morning and the rest of the day.

God is good, and he speaks when we listen.  I trust he knows what is best.

  1. gardnerbabytalk says:

    Awesome Word.. God is so good about using others to encourage us and be what we need at that moment. Keep kicking the devils butt!!!!!

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