Sunday the 9th- Learning good things.

Posted: November 9, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you


I awoke early this morning. I had a lot on my heart. I go up and down about having time off. I really miss ministering the Word, but at the same time, it’s nice to not have pressure. I guess I don’t miss the negative comments and being a target.   I think the thing that is the hardest is not feeling left out. Life has gone on for many, and we aren’t part of it at this point. We know this is a special time to seek God, and that is how I choose to look at it, but the human part of me is having a problem with not having resolve with some relationships. But God is good. He is the one that has ordained this time, and even if it feels akward for me and others, it still is from God. I miss my friends, so please don’t be shy. 🙂  I still have the same cell phone number and email address, and I really like lunch. 🙂  I may not be pastoring at this point, but I am more than my job. I think that is important to remember for me, it’s not what I do, it’s who I am that is important. Or rather Who I am in Christ that matters. Tasks can be done by anyone, character on the other hand doesn’t come as easy. God loves integrity and people full of character, not just talent.

Anyway, not trying to be bummer, but it’s how I’m feeling tonight.

Here are my top five things that I learned today:

1. It’s hard to sleep when your mind wakes up.
2. 2nd Samuel is a very convicting and thought provoking book. I am learning about many levels of relationships.
3. Pot roast is best when shared with friends & family.  (Cole & Preston) I peeled two pounds of carrots and put them in the broth with potatoes. It was amazing, and I won’t even tell you about the gravy.
4. Walking in the rain isn’t so bad when you see many of your friends on the way- Elmer, Lovealls, Jim F….my kids…
5. Stripey really loves boxes, do all cats love boxes? He would play in it all day. Hmmmm. Maybe I need a big box. 🙂

Stripey in a box

Stripey in a box


Ok, here are Amy’s…

1.  That Lisa and Scott Dilley’s little baby boy is adorable!

2.  That Rick makes one mean pot roast with gravy!

3.  That my husband CAN run the dishwasher.

4.  my son is grossed out by the affection my husband I show to one another. 🙂

5.  the book “Sister Amy” is rather long.  Longer than I thought!  It is interesting.


Ok, there you go!

More tomorrow!

Please let us know what you think!

  1. tytanshammer says:

    we really need to get together and do lunch……i am too much of a hermit…….I had to learn to be still and be with him……but not to the point of not going out at all!

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