Denny’s, Rain and Church in Olympia.

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Today started out early.  I met Russ for breakfast at Denny’s.

here we are after we had finished.  We had an awesome talk. 

I got home and had just missed Amy.  She picked up Randy and went out to be with their mom.  I got to record the Ready Room Podcast with Jen and Kenny, that is always fun.  Then we just chatted for some time.  I love good friends.  It was a nice morning.

I couldn’t believe how much it rained today.  Yikes!  Very wet!

Amy got home in time to see our friend Kathy who had stopped by.  Then we got ready to go to Olympia for church.  Service was great.  Jon Cobler preached and did a great job.  I really enjoyed his message out of 2nd Timothy chapter 3.  Worship was good tonight too.  On the way home we had a good talk about life. 

OK, here are the top ten things we learned today.

1.  (Rick) Gas is 15 to 20 cents cheaper in Olympia. 🙂

2. (Amy)  My mom and siblings are really cool. It was great to work with them today.

3.  (Rick)  that my friend Tim from the United Kingdom is ecstatic about recieving his Christmas CD. 

4.  (Amy)  that I was happy to hear from my nephew Isaac who is stationed in northern Iraq.  We got an email that he reads this blog! 

5.  (Rick)  That it is really cool to have many different types of friends, both Christian and non-Christian.

6.  (Amy)  that I really enjoyed Pastor Jon’s sermon at Living Water tonight.  It was very encouraging and full of hope.

7.  (Rick)  That Wendy’s has a killer hamburger, especially when you are really hungry. 🙂

8.  (Amy)  that McDonald’s filet o fish tastes better than Wendy’s fish sandwhich.  (more goop)

9. (Rick)  that I’m excited about making a nice pot roast for lunch tomorrow. 

10.  (Amy)  I’m in the process of learning that I am God’s workmanship and he doesn’t make things cheaply.  He makes things well. 

There you go!  See you tomorrow!


Please, comment away.  🙂


  1. Jeff Jobb says:

    Denny’s, McDonalds and Wendy’s all in the same blog, now I am hungry :). Maybe a Grand Slam for Breakfast, a Baconator for lunch and 20 piece McNuggets for Supper…Must Resist. Hee Hee

  2. Sarah says:

    Auntie Amy, I love your #10 comment, that was such a beautiful statement! Love reading all your guys insights and things you are choosing to rejoice in, such a good thing to do in our every day life. Glad you had fun yesterday with my dad and others cleaning the house, thanks for doing that!!!

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