Friday’s adventures and what we learned.

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Today was pretty long.

Oh and before I forget, I will have the stuffed pork chop recipe up in a few days complete with pictorial.  I bought a couple to demonstrate.  Stay tuned.  You will be making stuffed pork chops in now time flat!

Andrew and I got my Christmas project mostly done today.  Then the boys and I went to town and mailed off some to my friends.  Pretty fun!

The new holiday cd for my geeky friends.

The new holiday cd for my geeky friends.

Here we are at UPX shipping the holiday CD early to England and Canada!

We went shopping and to Home Depot looking for rain pants for Andrew, nothing was found!

Got some pizza for dinner while the boys shopped at Walmart, and then went home.

When we finally had dinner and were kicking back, Kyle, Rhianna, and Mayah came over for a quick visit.  Heather and Nathan and Andrew left a little while later to go watch Get Smart with the Wisdoms.  Fun!

Ok, here are the top ten things we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  that Catherine can read a whole book in 24 hours if she puts her mind into it.

2.  (Rick)  that pulled muscles take time to heal.

3.  (Amy)  I learned that I really like holding Mayah, and my husband wants a hat like hers.

4.  (Rick)  I already knew I liked holding Mayah.  🙂

5.  (Amy)  I learned that Rick trys to steal Mayah from me. 

6.  (Rick)  I get excited about sharing Geeky things with my friends.

7. (Amy)  I enjoyed having company this evening.

8.  (Rick)  That Catherine really likes taking pictures.

9.  (Amy) it’s harder to teach math when your son is playing electric guitar a few feet away.

10.  (Rick)  I have a great sense of accomplishment when my project is over.

Ok, there you go.  I’m up early for breakfast with a friend.  Stargate Atlantis was good tonight.  Cool show.

Amy’s headed to Raymond in the morning too!

See ya!



  1. Sherri says:

    How about this…I will teach you to knit a hat.

  2. Rhianna says:

    We enjoyed visiting you tonight. And Mayah did too, even though it was close to her bedtime.
    And… I love how hard at work both Ben and Chase are in the pic from UPX. What good little workers they are! 🙂

  3. Ben says:

    Hey, that’s me!

  4. tytanshammer says:

    loved the christmas project……it was perfectly done!

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