Should we build an Ark? What we learned Nov 3rd.

Posted: November 4, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

What a great day to be alive.  So many things to do, and with me not being at work, I have time to do them!  Woo hoo!  With the rain today I was thinking it might be a good idea to start on the ark. 🙂

Started out kind of slow today.  But I enjoyed watching some TV and catching up on some emails.  Then Amy went out to lunch with her friend Gail. When she got back I took the car and went to town to do some shopping.  I got to listen to the end of 1st Samuel and start on 2nd Samuel.  Man, so much stuff in those chapters.  I have so many things rolling around in my heart.  I will try and blog about some of them, but suffice it to say.. everyone should read first and second Samuel and ask the Lord to show them how it applies to their life.  So many amazing life lessons to be learned in a book that is ancient.  How cool.

I got home as it was getting dark and rushed to put my construction worker vest on and strobe light, fire up my ipod and go on my walk.  Three miles in the pouring rain, but I didn’t care.  I listened to the last part of the Treks In Sci Fi podcast and then six more chapters in 2nd Samuel.  Both were great. 

When I got home I visited with Amy and then did some recording with the family for an upcoming special surprise.  It was so fun!  I love it when we all work on something together, I even got Andrew to talk onto the recording.  That in itself was a miracle!  🙂

After watching a TV program with Amy and Cat we got out our applications for the place we are going to be going to get prayed for in December.  Part of our sabatical includes being ministered to.  So in December we are going to Yelm to be prayed over as a couple.  We have to fill out a pretty extensive application with our family history in it and read a book.  So I am going to order the book tomorrow.  I already got our Hotel booked for the week we will be up there, and we are sending our deposit in.  We are both rather excited about this as we have prayed for hundreds of people over the years, but never had anyone take a week and pray over us.  Wow, imagine?  This could be very cool.  Please pray for us, it is more expensive than we had expected, and we are believing that everything will be covered with the offereing we got from the church.  We also want to be able to do something with the family so, pray that some how God works it all out for us.  Thanks!

Ok, here are the ten things we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  That I like long hugs from my husband.

2.  (Rick)  That I like long hugs from my wife.

3.  (Amy)  That I really enjoy spending time with Gail, she is a wonderful friend.

4. (Rick)  That Kyle is now 24, and I am glad that he is so cool.

5.  (Amy)  When I’m tired my eyes water.

6.  (Rick)  that I am glad we live in a time of grace.  After reading 1st Samuel I am amazed and in awe of God’s power and our human fraility.

7.  (Amy)  That one of Nathan’s friends was blessed that I have a husband that is so nice to me.

8.  (Rick)  That I am grateful for the years of God’s help in my life.  He has never let me down, and I am not the same person I was 20 years ago.

9.  (Amy)  that I can have a long coversations with one of my brothers that I haven’t talked to in a long time and pick right back up where we left off.

10.  (Rick)  that being creative requires being me.


There you go.  I hope you enjoy our top ten things we are learning each day.  Please comment… please oh please comment, I beg of you.  🙂


  1. Sarah says:

    Howdy Uncle & Auntie.. I am excited to get to follow along in your journey in life with this blog, gotta love it. I love how you are looking for the positive and commenting each day things that you learn and that bless you. Great perspective!!! We are getting prophesied over this morning at church (prayer week) so that will be awesome to see what God wants to share with us! Have a terrific day.

  2. merrymarlene says:

    I love reading about the things you two have learned in a day…it is very fun! Happy belated birthday dear Amy!!!!

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