Learning, laughing and getting older!

Posted: November 2, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you
There is not THAT many candles!

There is not THAT many candles!



Today was great.  I got up early to take Catherine to the church for the pancake breakfast.  I dropped her off and headed home to hang out with Amy, the boys and a friend.  We had some cool cinamon rolls for breakfast, I stopped at seven eleven and got Amy some cocoa.  She liked that.  Then after the boys left we cleaned the kitchen did some dishes and got ready for company coming over!
Randy and Vickie dropped by some flower bulbs for Amy’s bday, she was thrilled, and secretly I was too.  I love taking photos of the flowers.    They wished Amy a Happy Birthday, they are so cool.
Jerry and Kathy, Alec and Jordan brought lunch over!  Kathy made home made noodles and chicken.  OH MY!  I could have eaten the whole pot.  It was SOOO good! 
Alec got a new bass guitar so we jammed together.
playing a blues riff with Alec

playing a blues riff with Alec

We are so blessed by friends like the Brown’s they have been such a blessing to us over the years.  We played Wise and Otherwise, and I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!
Jerry, who was very good at the game....

Jerry, who was very good at the game....

Cat and Jordan!

Cat and Jordan


Ok, here we go.. the top ten things we learned today!!!!

1.  (Amy)  That it took three trys to blow out all the candles on my cake this year. 🙂

2.  (Rick)  I can actually do the dishes and sweep the floor if motivated properly.

3.  (Amy)  it was relaxing to have good friends over and celebrate.

4.  (Rick)  Wise and otherwise is possibly the most fun game ever.  Really.

5.  (Amy)  that my sides hurt from laughing so much. 

6.  (Rick)  that  when walking during daylight savings time, one must wear a bright orange reflective vest with a strobe light.

7. (Amy)  Kathy makes the best home made noodle we have ever eaten!  NICE!

8.  (Rick)  That we were blessed to get our prayer time scheduled for December.

9.  (Amy)  That Jeremiah had a lot of freaky things happen to him.

10.  (Rick)  Wasn’t Jeremiah a bullfrog?  🙂  God will provide for us if we trust Him!


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