Happy Birthday Amy and 10 things we learned.

Posted: November 1, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you
Larry the lobster, at Red Lobster in Olympia
Larry the lobster, at Red Lobster in Olympia
It was a good day today. Tomorrow is Amy’s birthday.  I’m looking forward to that.  I am a very blessed man to have her as my wife, and I am grateful for every year I have with her.  We have been together over 22 years now, and it keeps getting better.  Ok, on with our day…
It started out with Miles meowing trying to wake us up.  We are not sure why he meowed so much, but he did.  🙂
I spent the morning recording for the Christmas project I’m doing and got done with a big chunk of it.  Then I went for a walk, picked up Catherine from the girls fundraiser that she was doing at Safeway and then went grocery shopping.  When we got home the Loveall’s were waiting to take us to church in Olympia and then out for our birthday’s to Red Lobster!  WOO HOO!
John & Beth, our good friends, picked us up. 
John Loveall, our Chauffer

John Loveall, our Chauffer

On my way home to the house Kenny Hughes called and said they were headed up to Olympia and would join us at Church.  YAY!  It’s a party!
Worship at church tonight.

Worship at church tonight.

Church was good.  Pastor Tim spoke on the Lord’s prayer for a second time and I enjoyed it.  It was so good to be in church with Kenny and Sherri, Tyler and the Loveall’s.  They are such good friends, and it was fun to just be able to recieve.  Usually between all of us we are so busy at church we don’t have time to figure out which way is up!  So it was a pleasure to listen and pray.  We broke into small groups at the end of service and prayed for our Nation, the candidates and for Revival in our world.
After church we enjoyed visiting, and then we went to Red Lobster for dinner.
We had a fifteen minute wait, with a fun little lobster pager…
good ol’ #51
While we waited they gave us birthday presents! How cool!  I got a neat Hillsong United double CD!  YES!  And a cool cat card.  Amy got a bag of girl stuff.  I’m not sure what, but she liked it.  That was very sweet of the Loveall’s. 
We finally got our table and were waited on by a very nice lady!
I had the seafood platter and Amy ate the spicey Chicken linguini something or another.  It looked good.  Man, we were hungry!  And the biscuit cheesey rolls…. uh?  What?  Who let God in the kitchen?  Those things were heavenly!
SInce it was our birthdays.. the waitress brought us a treat!


Amy and I enjoying our Birthday dessert!  YAY!

Amy and I enjoying our Birthday dessert! YAY!

We had so much fun fellowshipping with John and Beth.  What wonderful loving people.  I have missed them the last few weeks.  It was good to spend time with them.  God gives us good friends.  And John and Beth if you read this, thank you for the wonderful dinner, it was excellent!
Some little kids were staring at the poor little lobsters waiting for death in the case toward the front of the lobby… so the chef came out and let us pet them.  Ewwwww!
Nice Lobster executioner, the Chef

Nice Lobster executioner, the Chef

Larrys last moments.

Larry's last moments.

Ok, here we go… the top ten things we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  I was sad today seeing all the leaves fall from the trees, but I realized that the new ones can’t grow unless that happens.  So God has a plan.
 2.  (Rick)  I love getting out of bed in the morning with a purpose and direction.
3.  (Amy)  I learned to choose life. 
4.  (Rick)   that I am thankful for God’s provision in our lives.
5.  (Amy)  that I am very thankful for Elmer Harr.  He called to check on us!
6.  (Rick)  that I enjoyed shopping at Swansons with Catherine.
7.  (Amy)  that I liked holding baby Mayah today.  She is beautiful.
8.  (Rick)  that spending time with my friends is encouraging.  Thanks John and Beth, and Kenny and Sherri and Tyler!
9.  (Amy)  that putting Zuchini and Orange Peel in a chocolate cake makes it better for you.  Right?
10.  (Rick) It’s fun to have friends that like listening to old 80s christian music on your ipod.  (Thanks John!) 
  1. Sherri says:

    It’s a good list. happy birthday, Amy! It’s my brother’s birthday, too. I’ll pass on the lobster.

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