Friday the 31st, what did we learn?

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Gee whiz, what a lazy cat.  I found him there half the day.

Today was good. Spent a lot of time working on my Christmas project, Amy cleaned house for Catherine’s party tonight, and then we all went in to Mazatlan and used my birthday gift certificate.  Yum. 

Then we got home and I went on my walk.  It was in between the rain showers.  When I got home the house fille up with a bunch of 12 year old girls.. here they are:

Sarah, Hannah, Catherine and Stephanie

Sarah, Hannah, Catherine and StephanieI proceeded to try and hand out candy, but we only got like nine trick or treaters.

 I tried to hand out candy with my mask, but must have had too much of the force, no one else showed up.

 The girls had a pumpkin carving contest for their harvest party…

this is the winning entry…

Ok, here we go.. the top ten things we learned today:

1.  (Amy)  That it’s good to have friends that help you out of troubles.

2.  (Rick)  Photoshop is a great program and I’m glad I have it to use.

3.  (Amy)  that four pre-teen girls in one room make your ears hurt.

4.  (Rick)  Lunch with my family was fun. But they didn’t give us enough tortilla chips.

5.  (Amy)  It’s a good thing that carmel apples only come once a year, they are just too tastey!

6.  (Rick)  Ross (The store, not my friend) is tempting to geeky people like me.  Too many ipod accesories… ahhhh! Keep me away!

7.  (Amy)  that Lise Wood loves me.  She is a great friend.

8.  (Rick)  That Darth Vader helmets really hurt your ears.  I’m glad I don’t need artificial breathing apparatus.

9.  (Amy) that today was a good day.

10.  (Rick)  I get inspired on my walks, wrote another song.  Nice!

OK, there you go!

live long, and prosper

live long, and prosper

  1. Sherri says:

    I helped you out today and you still put that pumpkin on here again. hahaha
    good list. i’m glad we did HSM3 instead of having 4 12 year olds over. lol

  2. emilyp says:

    So having a baby has left me with very little free time. I have to admit I have been lazy about reading other people’s blogs lately. Tonight I had a blessing in disguise. Jackson didn’t want to go to sleep tonight. So while rocking him in my computer chair at 1 a.m., I was able to check out your blog and catch up on the life of the Moyer family.

    All of that to say I really dig your blog. I’ll be tuning into it more often. Have a good weekend!

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