Olympia, Carving Pumpkins and what we learned today Oct 30th.

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

We were up early today for a trip to Olympia.  I met with a group of pastors and Amy and Catherine went shopping. Then we met with a friend of ours.  After that we went out to lunch at Olive Garden.  I had a gift card for the place.  I’m not a huge fan, but Amy and Cat loved it.  I tolerated it.  🙂  Hey, it was free.  🙂  Thank you Ezra and Beckah, it was sweet of you.

When we got home Amy and Cat went to the movies to see High School Musical Three.  I went on a walk and listend to Pastor Steve’s message from Sunday the 26th, which by the way was excellent.  Wow.  It spoke to my heart.

Then tonight I baked a Turkey for dinner, and then carved Pumpkins with Catherine.  Here is Catherine’s brainchild, the smiley heart face pumpkin.

Catherines pumpkin this year

Catherine's pumpkin this year

And then, not to be outdone I had to do a dual sided star trek pumpkin.

cats pumpkin, and my starfleet logo.

Sherri, youll love this one.  The Vulcan Hand Salute

Sherri, you'll love this one. The Vulcan Hand Salutecats pumpkin, and my starfleet logo.

I guess we should have done some witnessing pumpkins.. but I wasn’t feeling super religious tonight.  heheh.  I guess the beer can pumpkin was out.  (just joking) 
Ok, the top ten things that we learned today:
1.  (Amy)  It’s fun to bond with my daughter while teaching her the art of bargain shopping.  Go Goodwill!
2  (Rick)  I can be grumpy when I’m uncomfortable.
3.  (Amy)  Olive Garden is a good place to eat, even though Rick tolerated it. 
4.  (Rick)  I actually enjoyed my meal at Olive Garden, braised spare ribs with tortelini. The beef was good.
5.  (Amy)  The trees to and from Olympia were even better looking this time.  God is the best artist!
6,  (Rick)  That ministry is pretty much the same across the board, at big or little churches.
7.  (Amy)  Catherine and I had fun watching High School Musical three today.
8.  (Rick)  Walking was refreshing today, but I was tired.
9.  (Amy)  That I have should have worn my new balance tennis shoes today.  Rule: Over Forty- Comfort over fashion.
10.  (Rick)  When you have a lot of time off in a row, you start forgetting what day it is.
There you go.  Any comments?  We love comments.  We got 94 hits yesterday.  Huh?  Where are they all coming from?  Thanks for reading.  We enjoy doing this everyday.
  1. Maureen says:

    Adam and I read your blog EVERY day. I actually look forward to it.

  2. Rhianna says:

    I have noticed the same thing about lots of time off and not knowing the day… I have noticed that a lot this year as I am not teaching! 🙂

  3. Sherri says:

    Loved the pumpkin message…I’m not sure I’ll ever love that hand sign…lol Funny memories, though.
    We love comments, too, but settle for the fact that most people just don’t leave them.
    We’re going to see HSM3 tomorrow!

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