Birthdays Birthdays everywhere!

Posted: October 29, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Amy and I celebrate our birthday’s one week apart.  I’m on the 26th of October and she is on November 2nd.  I am older by a year and one week.  So I married a younger woman!  🙂  She likes that.

So my birthday was awesome.  In fact I’m going out for lunch with Amy and her mom today.  Chinese food!  YEAH!

Here is a fun photo from my bday.

It started out the night before by meeting some of my friends at Living Water church and then going out afterwards.  When I got home I got a package in the mail.  It was from my cool friend Kenny from California.  I opened it and it was a hard drive?  Now, knowing Kenny, I was very excited to hook it up and see what was on it….  let’s just say it was everything I could have hoped for as a star trek fan and sci fi buff.  I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say it was awesome.  250 GIGS OF SWEETNESS!  I had to get online and thank him.  HOW cool!  I had a few cards that were dropped off with some gift certificates to mexican food, itunes and then in my email my friend Jeff from Canada sent me an amazon gift certificate, as well as last night I got one from Jen from Texas too!  SWEET!  I’m putting that toward my ipod touch.  yeah!  My good friends from Treks in Sci Fi made me birthday greetings on video.  Check them out.  They are so funny!  And some of them even wrote me poems and cool greetings.  They made me cry!  Thanks guys and gals!  Nathan and Preston took pictures of Stripey, blew them up and gave me framed pictures of them.  That was cool

In the morning I got up and got a nice card from my wife.  She is sweet.  She baked me a chocolate cake, the kids went to church and then I recorded the Ready Room podcast with Jen and Kenny.  That was an awesome treat on my birthday.  I love spending time with them.  They are great people.  My friends Kenny and Sherri and Tyler came over for lunch.  They gave me a cool card with some Itunes in it.  Yes! My good friend Jerry and Kathy brought me over a cool sci fi dvd and an awesome Star Wars card.  And some other friends dropped by to say hi.  My friend Ron gave me a cool book about a Chinese man who worked with the underground church.   I felt very loved and appreciated.  How nice.

My friend Tyler

My friend Tyler

We made fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy.  Oh yeah!  I don’t get that much, so it was  a real treat.  I love Kenny and Sherri so much.  They are true friends.  We laughed and talked and ate some good food.  Then Andrew brought me my cake.  Tyle and I shared licking the candles of their cream cheese frosting!

After that I put on my ipod listened to Rico’s podcast and went on my walk.  When I got home Amy helped me load up my car and I headed up to be with my Dad for his medical procedure the next day.



It was a great day of family and friends.  I am truly thankful.  I prefer the relationships over presents, but both are nice.  How awesome.  God has blessed me with friends from all walks of life, and that makes me a truly richer person. 

Now, what will I do for Amy this weekend?  Hmmmm.  I have some ideas!  On Saturday we are going with our good friends John and Beth to Olympia for church and then Red Lobster!  On Sunday some other friends are coming over for lunch. It should be great.  I’m looking forward to it.

  1. tytanshammer says:

    Happy Birthday Rick… is so good to have you around…….God is going to have so much fun with you and life is going to turn out so good………like Isaiah 54, the joy of what is to come will make what has happened fade away like the morning mist.

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