Back from the Island and what we’ve learned.

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you
From the deck of the Ferry to Bainbridge Island

From the deck of the Ferry to Bainbridge Island

Well I spent the day with my Mom and Dad over in Seattle today.  Dad had a procedure that was supposed to shock his heart back into rhythm.  It didn’t work, so now they have to explore other options.  The doctors will meet with him in a couple of weeks to discuss options.  Please pray for my Dad, he’s out of danger, but is very tired.  We need to pray that his heart gets back to beating correctly so that he can be energetic again.
I took some cool pictures on the Ferry ride and while we were in Seattle.  You can visit my myspace gallery to check them all out.  As for right now, here are a couple.
Dad and I

Dad and I


leaves and buildings

leaves and buildings


The reflection in the porthole

The reflection in the porthole


Seattle in the mist

Seattle in the mist

Ok, the top ten things we learned today.
1.  (Rick)  That the fall leaves are absolutley amazing right now.
2.  (Amy)  I miss Rick when he’s gone for over 24 hours.
3.  (Rick)  That it’s good to spend time with my parents when they are going through tough stuff.
4.  (Amy)  That the Bible is the ultimate Love Story with the white horse and everything at the end!
5.  (Rick)  if we don’t look around us, we don’t see the beauty in our surroundings.
6.  (Amy)  When you listen to God then you hear how much he loves you.
7.  (Rick)  That the anomaly podcast is a crack up.  You should listen to it.
8.  (Amy)  That God and I have something in common, I write important things on my hand cause I’m not Techy.  God says he has engraved me on the palm of his hands.  (Is. 49:15-16)
9.  (Rick)  that gas prices have gone down.. I got it for only $2.49 a gallon in Belfair.
10. (Amy)  That God is relentless.
  1. Sherri says:

    I’m sorry about your Dad. I pray for wisdom for the doctors and healing for your dad.
    I really enjoy the 10 things. 🙂 Wow,the pictures are beautiful. I love this time of year!

  2. Marlene says:

    The pics are “beautiful”, and I glad you could be there for your folks. We are praying for your folks & for you & your family as well….(ps I’m getting a new headlight today:0)

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