Nice day, a trip to church in Olympia and Ten things we learned.

Posted: October 25, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

We had a nice day today.

I was up early recording for my project, then I got a nice walk in and we headed out for Olympia to meet Jim and Marlene for Church.  Worship was simply awesome tonight.  The band played some very encouraging worship tunes and I felt very at home.   It was nice to feel that way after a few weeks on not.  It is good to worship God.

Worship Team at Church of the Living Water

Worship Team at Church of the Living Water


Jim and Marlene met us there for service.  Marlene shares her birthday with me.  October 26th it’s a good day!

Marlene and Jim

Marlene and Jim

My friend pastor Tim Wimberly spoke on the Lord’s prayer.  It was excellent.


During communion the Lord really spoke to my heart.  I needed it.  He impressed upon me that things were going to be OK if I trusted him and focused on what He wants for my life.  That helped a lot.  At one point during communion a couple of young folks came out.  The guy had his acoustic guitar and the gal simply sang.  They did the song “It is well with my soul”  and I began to cry.  I don’t know how to describe the feeling I had.  It was kind of like getting a hug from someone you love.  God was hugging me and holding me, letting me know that he loved me.  That was really cool.

I got home from church tonight and my friends Jeff, Jim and Sharon and Kenny had given me some really nice gifts.  WOW!  I am blown away by all of them.  Then I logged on to Treks In Sci Fi to find some amazing video birthday greetings and some very nice poems written for me!  I am blessed to have cool friends.

Ok, here goes the top ten things we learned.

1.  (Amy)  That real faith is trusint God even when your circumstances aren’t how you want them to be.  Paul and Silas praised God while still in chains, but chains couldn’t imprison their fatih.  Praise kept their heart free.

2.  (Rick)  Relaxing means not worrying about things. 

3.  (Amy)  Psalm 52 in the message bible is great.

4.  (Rick)  That I love making music and having people smile.

5.  (Amy)  Hanging out with Jim and Marlene was very fun!

6.  (Rick)  Communication doesn’t come without work.

7.  (Amy)  Pastor Tim’s sermon was excellent tonight.  Prayer is a good thing.

8.  (Rick)  that people I don’t even know are part of my family.  How cool is that?

9.  (Amy)  That the prophetic word we get everyday in email was right on today.

10.  (Rick)  That it’s easy to witness to the grocery clerk when my attitude is good.


There we go!  Very great day.  Now on to my 43rd Birthday.

  1. merrymarlene says:

    Happy Birthday Rick!!! Enjoy the day! It’s funny? that some of our observations are similar…God Bless You

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