Ten things about learning Friday the 24th

Posted: October 24, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Here are our top ten things we learned today:

1.  (Amy) I have a cool spirit filled doctor that I love to go see, I just wish I didn’t feel bad.

2.  (Rick)  That Fran Marzioli encourages me more than I encourage her.  Even though I try. 🙂

3.  (Amy)  There were a lot of people at Wal mart tonight.

4.  (Rick)  I have gracious and loving friends.

5.  (Amy)  That my daughter loves to plan parties.

6.  (RIck)  That I love when God speaks through everyday things and people.

7.  (Amy)  That it’s good to sit and be quiet and listen to cool worship music.

8.  (Rick)  That The Clone wars cartoon is pretty darn cool for a cartoon.

9.  (Amy)  Herbal cough drops work better than the non herbal lemon ones.

10.  (Rick)  Stripey just loves to sit in boxes.  Don’t all cats?

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