Tag, I’m it.

Posted: October 22, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

I think I’m supposed to answer the following question.. so here it goes..


List six details of myself.  Thanks Marlene and Rhianna.  🙂


1.  I have always been a fan of cheesey sci fi TV shows and movies, in fact when I was a little kid I had spaceship models and wore a cape.

2.  I love Rib Steak and Chinese food the most.

3.  I have horrible stage fright, but I choose not to be controlled by it.  I am always nervous before I speak publicly.

4.  I am most happy when playing and composing music.- especially worship music.

5.  I love to drive.

6.  I secretly watch little house on the Prarie.  Please dont’ tell anyone.

Ok, that about does it.  hmmmmm

I also share a birthday with some pretty awesome folks.. like Marlene.. Sunday!!! woo hoo!


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