Things Amy and I learned today Oct 19th

Posted: October 19, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Here is what we learned..


1.  It’s very strange to not go to church on Sunday.

2.  It was beautiful out today, and my walk was very refreshing.

3.  (Amy) It’s hard to find Hebrew names for Greek words.

4.  Our friend Jen from Texas is really cool and fun to chat with.

5.  The Treks in Sci Fi Podcast is really fun to listen too.

6.  That Tina Fey does an almost exact imatation of Sarah Palin.

7.  That voting is nice when you get your ballot in the mail.

8.  Working on Christmas projects is good in October.

9.  That we need to go get some pumpkins to carve.

Last Year’s cool pumpkins…

10.  It’s only a week till my birthday and two till Amy’s.


There you go, no big heavy reavy’s but cool nonetheless.



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