Dads, Driving and Dinner

Posted: October 18, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Yesteday Amy, Catherine, Andrew and I got to go to drive up to Bainbridge Island to visit with my folks.  It’s a two and half to three hour drive each way, but very pretty.

We got to Mom and Dad’s and found that he had a rough morning and had to go to the urgent care clinic due to some complications with his medications.  So we got to see him for only a couple of moments when we first got there.  Mom took dad in and I stayed with the family to help out around their house.  We ended up going to town and picking up some stuff to make a pretty flower arrangement for my folks.  Check out our project.



Then as we progressed Amy helped out…oh and so did Piquita


The final product

The final product

Later in the day we helped get my Mom’s flower garden pruned and cleaned up.
After that we ended up going over to my sister Kristie’s house.  She and her family only live about five minutes from mom and Dad.
Kristie and I
Me and My Sis.
When we got over to her house Katy was making apples from their tree into applesauce…
It was excellent.
So we got to talk and laugh together, a good thing for the family to do. I really enjoyed our visit.  It was so nice to just talk and love on each other.  I wish we lived closer to my family, I miss them a bunch.  But now with some time on my hands I can go visit more often, so that is nice.
Before dinner I asked if we could pause for a moment and just pray for my Dad.  And everyone agreed. So we did.  I am really hoping he can start to feel better.  I don’t like to see him like this, he is so tired.  We are believing for his heart to get beating right again.  So please join us in praying.  Also pray for my mom, this has been so hard on her.  It’s no fun when someone you love, especially your spouse, isn’t feeling well.  Mom is a trooper though,  I pray that she can hang in there.
During dinner we had a great time.  I read some of my lyrics to an upcoming Star Trek vocal project I am working on and they all laughed.  I think I missed my calling, probably should be a stand up comic.  But then, your family is supposed to laugh at all your stupid jokes.. right?
It was a good day.  We had a nice mellow ride home in the rain.
Here is my Dad and I.
  1. Wendell says:

    That’s a great picture of you and your Dad. We will pray that the great healer will work a miracle in his life.

  2. Jen says:

    I hope your dad feels better soon, Rick. I’ll continue to pray for your mom and dad. I love your blog!

  3. marlene says:

    Jim & I will be praying for your Dad. How cool that you got to spend time with family!

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