Ten things we learned today October 17th.

Posted: October 17, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Today was a long day, but good in a way.. or maybe a few ways.


Here is what we learned today.

1.  That Bainbridge Island is appoximatley 100 miles by car via Shelton and Bremerton.

2.  That parents are a blessing and we care about them a lot.

3.  That watching Wrath of Kahn on a video ipod while plugged into a great stereo in the car pretty much rocks.  My wife covered her ears.

4.  Cats are pretty much cool animals.

5.  There is a Safeway in pretty much every town we went through, and they are layed out similar.

6.  The message bible matthew chapters 5-10 on audio is a very cool experience.

7.  That the NPR drama “Return of the Jedi”  is very well done and sounds amazing!

8.  My sister and her husband and daughter are some of the coolest people on the planet.  (and great cooks too)

9.  The McDonald’s on Bainbridge Island is hip.shiek.sweet.

10.  Six hours in the car is a very long time.  But we are thankful for one that starts and will run for six hours without stalling. 🙂


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