Sunrise in the East

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

This morning the sunrise is beautiful.  I love it when God paints the sky like that!  Very nice.  He used a lot of orange and some red.

I had a hard time falling asleep last night after working on a fun song for an upcoming podcast of a friend of mine’s.  It kept going through my head.  So I got my ipod and looked through it.  I found this cool band that I hadn’t listened to for awhile.  They are called Eden’s Bridge.  The CD is called Celtic Psalms.  WOW.  Pretty much amazing music.  So atmospheric. 

Eden's Bridge Celtic Psalms


You can hear some of their music clips here

Pretty soon I was off to la la land and sleeping well.  Of course I woke up a few hours later cause my headphones were killing the ear I was sleeping on.  🙂  No prob.

I had a chance to get the brakes fixed on our PT Cruiser yesterday morning.  Took the car into Whitney’s and had them work on it.  While I waited a couple of hours for them to get the front brake pads replaced and rotored, I went on a little walk and visited a friend that owns a coffee shop.  Josh was great, it had been a long time since I was able to talk with him.  He made me a great cinnamon, brown sugar chocolate steamer (sugar free and non fat) and I enjoyed it a bunch since it was kind of cold.  I went and sat in the park and read my Bible.  Matthew Chapter 2 and 1st Samuel Chapter 2.  Then ended up moving into Subway since it was kind of cold.  Got some food and sat by myself at a table and wrote in my journal.  I learned a lot out of Matthew chapter 2, not as much out of 1st Samuel.

Here is what spoke to me from Matthew Chapter 2…

  • Herod and all of Jerusalem were troubled when they heard that the Messiah had been born, or was going to be born.  It hit me… If I am troubled at the announcement of the King’s arrival then I am most likely doing things my way and will be upset about another King. 


  • In vs 7&8 Herod has the wisemen seek out Jesus for him.  He doesn’t go himself.  He pretends that he wants to go worship God, but in reality, he want’s to destory him because Jesus threatens his authority and way of life.   How does this apply to me?   Do I need others to seek him out for me?  If so, then I have wrong motives in my heart.  The whole idea of a personal relationship with Christ is just that- PERSONAL.  No one can have that for me! 🙂


  • The wisemen kept searching earnestly for the Messiah, and they found him.  How does that apply to me?  God will reveal himself to me if I seek him honestly.  I will find him.


  • When the wisemen found Jesus they bowed down before the little child and then gave him gifts.  What about me?  When I find Jesus in my everyday life, do I bow my will and honor him by giving him the gift of obedience and honor? 


  • The Lord warned the wisemen not to go back to Herod- You see, if we listen, the truth will outlive the lie.  And in this case, it did.  I must rely on the fact that God has my back.  He wants the best for my life in spite of all the forces against me.  He will reveal the truth in any given situation through his word and his work.


  • Then after Herod finds he has been double crossed by the wisemen, he sends out his soldiers to kill off all the babies three years old or younger, thinking he will destroy the Messiah . What an insecure Jerk he is.  But, nope.  He doesn’t.  It hit me…  The enemy get furious when the right thing is done, and he will retaliate by going after my fruit and ministry.  The cool thing in this story is that God’s timing is perfect- he will speak to us through any and all means possible if we will listen and obey.  Joseph heard God through a dream and got Jesus out of harm’s way before Herod was able to destroy him.   For me that means that when I listen and obey, God protects me and His will is accomplished.

1st Samuel chapter 2 was rather violent.  Eeek.  King David dies of old age and passes the kingdom over to Solomon.  Solomon wasn’t his oldest kid, but God told him to give the kingdom to him anyway.  As a result his older brother tried to use his mom- Bathsheba to get some special requests through the new king.  It backfired and the brother ends up being killed because he trys to use people to manipulate the king.  Then it happens more in this chapter until some others are killed off.  At the end of the chapter it says that finally Solomons Kingdom was established.   What hit me out of it all was that we all need to be Man or Woman enough to go to those in authority over us and ask directly for what we need.  No more trying to manipulate or listening to heresay or gossip.  Go to the source and have courage and boldness.  Good lesson to learn for anyone. 

If I get the time, today I will be in more of Matthew and more in 1st Samuel.  Should be insightful.

I get a little email each morning from a husband and wife team that live in Texas, I think.  I have read their email every day for the last 2 years.  I don’t know them at all, and yet each time I get their little statement and scripture it speaks to my heart right where I’m at.  I can only think of like 3 times that it hasn’t had much to do with me.  Probably because the Bible has something to do with all of us, and people that know God can speak into any situation.  Here is what was in it this morning.

October 14, 2008.  You make a difference. Never have you been known to sit around and ask for handouts. You are not idle. You are the type person who pulls your own weight. Therefore people like for you to be on their team. And you enjoy joining in with and helping other teams. The Apostle Peter was such a person. When Cornelius called upon Peter to come over to Macedonia to help, he went. The result was that Christianity came for the first time to the Gentiles. Would you be willing to humble yourself and yield to My calling today? I tell you My calling has come to your ear. Consider which way you will go.
Acts 16:9 “A vision appeared to Paul in the night: a man of Macedonia was standing and appealing to him, and saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.”   

This really spoke to me.  I am trying to adjust to not having a huge schedule these three months.  I am used to being on a team in the office, and in this case I felt encouraged that I am a great part of the team.  However for the next few months I need to work on being a team with Amy and my family.  That is most important anyway.  It was a good reminder.   

Here was the other part of it…

October 14, 2008.  You were trying to explain. Everyone started talking and it was quickly complicated. All tried to explain themselves. The atmosphere soon felt like a bog. Next time with something like this when asking forgiveness say, “It was not my intention to hurt anyone.” Keep it simple. Too much detail at such times causes confusion. Everyone has their own idea of the way something should be handled. Others simply do not think the way you do, and you do not think the way they do. You have learned from this. Do not get down on yourself or the others who were there. Continue to love and believe the best.
Proverbs 13:3 “The one who guards his mouth preserves his life; The one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.”   


My thoughts on this: 

I am trying to learn when to say something, when to explain in detail and when to simply say “I’m sorry”  There is so much to be said about that.  I think growing up I always wanted to make people hear my heart.  Not everyone will.  It’s ok.  I am learning to share only what I need to, and not muddy up the waters with my insecurity. 

I’m excited, my good friend Jerry and I are going to the Hong Kong for lunch today.  SWEET! 

have a great day… more to come…

  1. tytanshammer says:

    The Herod stuff reminds me of that first Shawn Bolz teaching I got…..concerning the Spirit of Herod…….The Spirit of Herod is dead…….that spirit of false fathering that is more concerned about position than relationship. Lord deliver us all from the Herod’s that are in our memories…….

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