The three month adventure begins

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Cool Stuff just for you

Today started a period of three months off from work.   Amy and I have been in ministry for the entire time we have been married.  That is a total of 22 years!  After some conflict at our church that we are pastors at, we decided to take the leadership up on a three month rest from teaching and preaching.  Although we absolutely love to do that, and we feel called to serve Jesus in this way we are going to take three months off to seek the Lord and ask if He wants us to stay where we are at, or find somewhere else to minister.  It hasn’t been easy, but we know God will show us exactly what He wants for our lives.

Yesterday was my last official function at the church.  I got the honor of joining Ezra and Rebekah in marriage.  They were so cute!  I loved ministering to them and hanging out with them. 

Ezra and Bekah pose for the camera

Ezra and Bekah pose for the camera

After the service I went into my office and gathered some study materials that I needed and cleaned up my desk.  I grabbed my guitars and sat there for a moment.  I prayed and asked God for direction.  My heart ached as I locked my door and walked out to the car.  I heard God in my Spirit just calm me and tell me that I was doing the right thing.  It is never a bad idea to take time to seek Jesus.  And that’s what I am going to do.

So today was day one.    We got up this morning and I didn’t have to preach.  That was strange in itself.  We took our time getting ready, and drove to Olympia for church at Living Water.  Pastor Burt was preaching on Revelation today.  It was such a strange feeling going to church in a place where we only knew three people.  It is a big church too!  The worship was great, the seats were so packed together though, that it was hard to stand up.  🙂  They really just had worship, an offering, a quick welcome, then a message and dismissed. 

It was very uplifting and nice to just sit and be ministered too.  I learned that I wanted to have my life be built on the rock and not the sand.  My future rests in Jesus regardless of what anyone else says!   That was really cool.  But I must say I missed our church and the worship, our friends and the feeling of family. 

I’m sure it will all be ok.  It just takes some getting used too.

Afterwards we stopped at the mall ate at the chinese Panda place and I looked around Best Buy.  I got to drool over the 32 gig ipod touches… I am saving my money up, cause it’s mine baby!  I also needed to get a network cable, which I didn’t buy cause they wanted $30 bucks for it.  That’s highway robbery.

  1. tytanshammer says:

    God’s so going to meet you here……and I’ll be there for you too! I never give up on my friends……and neither does Jesus…….

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